SanseNomadens Julekalender 2019: Luke 11

Who will feed my cat? I Will need Someone to feed my cat When I leave this world, Though my cat is not ordinary. She only has three paws: Fire, air, Water. Hafiz

Collage, Duft og parfyme, Duftcollage, Kunst og kreativitet

Duftcollage: Etat Libre d’Orange Noël au Balcon

Jeg elsker å skrive om parfyme, og snakke om parfyme. Men noen ganger savner jeg å kunne være mer kreativ når jeg formidler duftinntrykk. Og nå har jeg endelig funnet en leken og visuell måte å presentere dufter på for dere: Duftcollage. Jeg håper dere vil kose dere med å bli kjent med dufter på… Fortsett å lese Duftcollage: Etat Libre d’Orange Noël au Balcon


SanseNomadens Julekalender 2019: Luke 10

No more leaving At Some point Your relationship With God Will Become like this: Next time you meet Him in the forest Or on a crowded city street There won't be anymore "Leaving". That is, God will climb into Your pocket. You will simply just take Yourself Along! Hafiz


SanseNomadens Julekalender 2019: Luke 9

Elegance It Is not easy To stop thinking ill Of others. Usually one must enter into a friendship With a person Who has accomplished that great feat himself. Then Something Might start to rub off on you Of that True Elegance. Hafiz


SanseNomadens Julekalender 2019: Luke 8

Your mother and my mother Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living In better conditions, For your mother and my mother Were friends. I know the Innkeeper In this part of the universe. Get some rest tonight, Come to my verse again tomorrow. We'll go speak to… Fortsett å lese SanseNomadens Julekalender 2019: Luke 8